We provide business consultation, PR representation, and social media management, amongst our services. With our years of experience and a rich network of contacts, we've accrued a solid record of putting our clients' creations into the hands of social influencers, publications, films, and other sources of digital and mass media.


Public Relations

Getting your work seen and respected is no small feat in today’s crowded media market. We can help you deliver a focused and effective methodology to improve your presence and garner attention in the fashion media. It’s essential to have someone to answer questions and protect the brand’s interests, in the event of a crisis.


Social Media

If public relations is formal messaging directly to the industry media, “Social Media” is closer to a dialogue with customers, clients, or any of the other 3 billion people currently on the Internet. Constant, repeated activity is needed to give life to your brand and help it grow a following. We can help you to craft your messaging to stay on brand.


Brand Development

The value of the brand supersedes any one individual product. A product alone may get some purchases, but repeat customers establish relationships with brands because of the stories they tell and the feelings they evoke. We’ll help you articulate the personal meaning in your work, set realistic goals, learn project management, and understand industry trends to better find your audience.

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Single-session consultations to assess your brand strategies and products. We can offer you some of our insight into your financial management, market awareness, and product refinement. We can help you set ambitious, achievable goals for the launch or refinement of your business.



If our other services encompass the mind, heart, and voice of your brand, this is a little into the “soul”. For both women (and for men), one of the biggest problems for start-up brands have been the refusal of creators to believe in themselves, risk the humiliation of their work being seen, or engaging in any sort of self-promotion—either out of modesty or anxiety. But “getting ahead” in the service of your art will always involve measured risks—at the very least, a story to look back on. An empowered voice, confidence in its work but also grounded enough to listen to criticism, is the best method of success. We can help you empower that voice, and navigate the perils along the way of finding your career path.


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