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A New York based PR company and showroom that specializes in emerging designers.


The Shiny Squirrel is a one-stop shop for the public relations, sales, and brand development needs of emerging jewelry and fashion designers. Established in 2009, we provide a tool kit for product launch, as well as consultation for those seeking to grow their distribution and refine their brand. Today, the technology, economics, and logistics of the fashion industry is changing more quickly than ever before. Attending a trade show or sending samples to a wholesaler alone may not provide the opportunities needed to enter onto the market. But the digital age has also created opportunities for brands to bypass the industry gatekeepers and break themselves in.

Our guiding methodology is a multi-platform approach that diversifies the revenue streams and amplifies the brand's media presence: social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram), magazine pulls, trade shows, usage in television and film, online advertising, Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), and wholesale buys, plus the speed to adapt as quickly as possible. We also utilize our extensive network of brand ambassadors and influencers to create buzz across the media.


About Jessica


The Shiny Squirrel started from a blog that Goldfond began in 2006, Goldfond launched "The Shiny Squirrel" out of her Brooklyn apartment. It originally operated as a direct-to-consumer sales service, acting as publicist and brokerage firm for a roster of fine artists, clothing designers, and jewelry craftsmen. In 2009, Goldfond made The Shiny Squirrel her full time job and never looked back. She opened her first dedicated office and showroom, located on Manhattan's Broadway and Bleecker St. She has since worked with dozens of clients around the world, helping to develop brand, grow sales numbers, and create successful mass media and social marketing campaigns. Goldfond eventually to opted to work with emerging fashion brands, helping them to build scalable businesses and foundational skills. Today, she reps over two dozen active clients and has given lectures on PR innovation, the DIY basics of brand development. She continues to expand her business and help others achieve their professional goals.


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