The Boxer: Kelly Reid

Tell us about your relationship with Boxing. What type have you been doing and how long have you been doing it? How do often you train? What got your started? 

My road to Muhammad Ali-ism all began with a kickboxing class that I only started because my genes finally started to argue with my diet of chorizo/chocolate and negroni's. To say that it was torturous at the beginning is an understatement. I think I went home after my first 9am class and promptly took a nap, but I was determined to make changes. I altered my eating habits and went regularly to the gym and made slow progress. About a year into going to CKO Williamsburg, I saw a video that one of the gym owners  had posted that showed his clients doing classic boxing pad work for their one-on-one sessions. 

Matt and I have been training once a week for 2 1/2 years. I had a few injuries at first as my hands became adjusted to hitting the pads. The first few months were slow-going. I didn't realize the importance of listening to your body when it's injured, and letting it heal instead of pushing through.  So I finally took a break for close to two months and jumped rope cause I'd seen Rocky, that's what boxers did on their down time...

We eventually moved on to sparring and initially I didn't enjoy it - you think since you can pull off a five punch combo drill that you're somehow prepared for someone with years of experience.  I got over myself by the next session and we've been sparring with some cameos from boxer friends and other CKO members for about a year and a half now.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced or currently face when taking up this hobby? 

Initially, one of the biggest challenges I faced was accepting the slow and steady approach my trainer takes to our sessions. It’s better for long-term technique, but as someone who hates to listen to instructions and would rather just jump in, it was difficult. 


Tell us a little bit about your routine for training both when you started and now? 

When I first began training, I was very sporadic with visits to the gym alongside my one definite session with my trainer. This meant I often felt like I was starting from zero every time. So I started going three times a week, including my personal trainer then upped it to 4. Now, I aim for 5 if my schedule permits.  To mix it up on one of those days, I'll just mess around doing jump rope routines; go running around McCarren Park, or a Kayla Itsines BBG workout.


What are you current - 6 Month Goals for it? 

So, my big goal this year is to be selected for the Haymakers for Hope Charity match that happens once a year and would enable me to have a fight at Madison Square Garden. It’s based on whether they can match you with someone of your experience and physical build. I would be trained by a pre-approved gym (naturally, I chose Gleason’s) for four months and about halfway through you spar with your partner and then you don't meet again until the final bout in November.  It's the perfect goal for me, I'm an introvert/extrovert and the thought of fighting in front of a big crowd is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying.  


Please provide a recommendation of anything you like that is really exciting you right now or inspired you?

The second season of The Chef's Table has just come out on Netflix. While I may not love the style of every chef I really appreciate how singular and focused they are on achieving his or her goals.  

I also am delighted that Summer has finally arrived, and I'm making more of an effort to do things in NY like visit The Met and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, go to gigs and attend seminars on people I admire.  


Jessica Goldfond